Relax into this massage of constant flow involving a myriad of techniques

1 hour     $100


Allow your nervous system the extra time to drop deeper into the island called 'You'. 100 minutes of massage, followed by some time to feel floaty and integrate your session,  no need to jump up and out.
2 hours     $200

      I have honed my empathic ability thanks to the over 42k+ bodies I have had the honor to work with, numerous continuing education hours each year in certifications, and my formal education in Massage Therapy, Energy Transformational Therapy, and WATSU.
      Over my decades of on-the-job experience, I’ve come to understand that every body is unique, different from day to day therefore every massage session is different and respectfully tailored to each session's unique needs. You are cared for with focus and intention, provided with consistent quality treatment and a sense of being “in the right hands". All my techniques are based upon a foundation of flowing steady sweeps that soothe and invite your nervous system to deeply rest. You can just relax, knowing your body and I are working together in harmony towards restoration.

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